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I am originally from Connecticut but I’ve lived in California since 1989 when I came here to serve as the first Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of the Pacific. In addition to serving athletes for 12 years at UOP, I served as the first Strength Coach at St. Mary’s High School for 13 years. I’ve worked over 40 years serving and strengthening athletes and helping them reach their full potential. Now it’s time to serve we the people, and strengthen our state and our nation.

I’m a true blood American. My ancestors came here from England as early settlers in 1633 and founded my hometown, Wallingford, Connecticut, in 1670. My ancestor “Lyman Hall“, became a Signer of the Declaration of Independence. Freedom and love for this country runs in my blood. I have that same fire and passion for Freedom that my ancestors had for We The People. For years our Freedom has been whittled away and more recently hacked away as if with an ax.

I have been married to my wife Nicole for almost 30 years and together we have 5 children. Because of our commitment to our children’s future, they have all be raised with a combination of homeschooling, as well as  attending Presentation Parish School and St. Mary’s High School. Our number one goal as parents was to raise them with values and to give them a better future. Now, I’m running because we can no longer sit on the sidelines and offer our children the best. We have to step up and fight for their freedom and work tirelessly to ensure a bright future for the next generation.

Unfortunately, we’ve all watched as our government by the people, for the people, has whittled away. The House of Representatives was intended to represent We The People. Now, We The People are barely given a thought, while special interests and our representatives self-interests are given top priority. Our families, our children are, our communities are not what our politicians work for anymore. We have weak leaders who break easily to the pressures of Washington. I am running to Stand Strong and represent We The People.

I am not a politician. I’m not some fancy businessman riding in on a white horse to promise you the world, when in reality we see these candidates go to Congress and fall right into the system. No. I’m a fighter who has trained Champions. I’m a workhorse. I’ve dedicated my career to strengthen individuals and athletes. Whether its competing in the Olympics, on a football field, or simply strengthening minds and body to prepare them to compete in everyday life – my goal is to get every individual to reach their full potential. I am running to strengthen our district, our state and our nation. I am running because we need someone who will Stand Strong to get our country back on track.

I am running to Stand Strong to represent We ThPeople.

The seeds for me to run for Congress were planted in me more than 30 years ago. It was in 1990-91, when I worked at the University of the Pacific and they still had football, I met every Thursday morning with the Football team chaplain. Shortly before he moved to Oregon, he spoke to me and told me that one day I would run for Congress and I would be used to boldly speak truth in Congress.

During the last election cycle the stirring intensified until I knew it was now the time to run. I began talking to people and decided that now is the time. It’s no secret though, I am the underdog. I’m the guy who the special interest and DC-insider establishment won’t like – because I’ll Stand Strong for YOU…not for the DC elite. And together we will win this race! The path is clear. The people of California’s 9th District are ready for someone who will Stand Strong for them.

I love this community. In addition to having served the greater Stockton community through athletics at UOP, St. Mary’s High School and in private business, I have served on the Founding Board of the Stockton Leadership Foundation. I served on the board of Ken Owen’s Christian Community Concerns and I served on the board of the Stockton Pregnancy Help Center. Seeking a better future for everyone in our community has been a long time focus I have held.

I’m excited to Stand Strong for you. Together, let’s win this election and bring real representation to this District again. Thank you for your support!